Abbas Nishaburi started his business in 1958, following a family business that started by his ancestors over two centuries earlier in Tabriz. Since then he has worked hard and served many customers around the world from Africa to Europe and North America and from South America to Asia. Today, joined by his sons Hadi and Nasser Nishaburi the company that he has created is involved in design, production, retail and wholesale of carpets from around the world.


We are very active globally with bases in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Chile and Germany and of course Iran as the main base. 



  Showroom in Singapore (                                      Showroom in Danyang China.

We produce carpets and collect and trade old and antique rugs. Being in Tehran Bazaar, and other cities everyday, going around to find good pieces, and participating in many exhibitions around the world we are quite up to date with both ends of the carpet market and are in position to provide our customers with what they need.

Buying in Bazar                                                      Domotex Shanghai 2016                                                                        With the weavers

    Design Shanghai 2016               Xining 2016                                                               Domotex 2016

In addition to the collection of old and antique carpets that we constantly gather through our daily scoutings in bazaar of Tehran and other cities, We produce wide range of products in Iran and India.